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It's easy to become overwhelmed by the many decisions involved in arranging a funeral.

At McGrath Funerals, we have combined our years of experience into simple yet elegant services that allow you to quickly make all the important decisions without unnecessary stress.

Our McGrath Funeral Care Packages contain three levels of service that we can provide, whether you are arranging a funeral today or planning for the future.

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McGrath funeral care packages

The number of decisions that must be made when arranging a funeral can be overwhelming. Many of these decisions have to be made quickly and can be quite stressful. Our disclosed prices and professional services enable you to arrange the best service for your family’s needs.


Other options...

If you would like a more traditional service, or a service held at venues outside the package options, please give us a free call on 1800 221 022 and we can customise the venue arrangements around your needs.

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